About Us

About Capital Pro Partners

Capital Pro Partners was formed in the spring of 2015 by Ted Diven and John Ward, both with their MBA have an extensive background in commercial lending and finance. Our method is to work in a relationship-centered – consultative style to help businesses get the best possible capital for their company. We have a great team of project managers, underwriters, and business development specialists who help each project through to completion as efficiently as possible.

At Capital Pro Partners we serve companies in many industries across the country to raise capital through debt financing. We work diligently for business owners, sourcing the best capital for their company’s specific needs. Our background in commercial lending has given us the knowledge and experience to present lending requests that provide our customers the best chance at securing competitive financing. We work quickly, sourcing the most optimal capital, allowing owners freedom to continue managing their business.

  • We are a trusted partner and advisor for all of your business capital and lending needs
  • We work as a liaison between businesses and lenders, negotiating the best terms
  • Pricing and structure
  • We prepare initial underwriting/financial package to present to multiple lenders
  • Providing more financing options
  • We protect business owner’s time by making all lending contacts and negotiating terms

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