Bridge Lending

Bridge Lending

Bridge loans can provide a quick and easy solution to a variety of commercial financing challenges.

As one of the premier bridge lenders in the U.S., Capital Pro Partners understands how valuable bridge funding can be for our customers.  As a commercial mortgage broker, we have countless options to meet your needs. We will work diligently to find the right program to help you achieve your goals.

Our proven processes are designed to get your deal underwritten and funded as quickly as possible, so you can take advantage of whatever opportunities might present themselves.

Bridge Lending Solutions

Financing a project can be significantly time-consuming. In fact, the process for getting permanent or long-term financing can cost you critical opportunities. A bridge loan can provide a quick and easily accessible short-term solution that saves that day.

Another common reason for seeking out bridge financing is when the numbers simply don’t work for more traditional financing. As an alternative source of funds, a bridge loan can give you the time you need to get situated for longer-term financing.

Whatever your reason might be for seeking bridge lending, turn to the experts at Capital Pro Partners to learn more about our many potential options.

Bridge Loan Options

Most bridge loans are used in the financing of commercial real estate. For example, a bridge loan can provide some much-needed breathing room between a construction loan and permanent financing – or the sale of the completed project. You can also use a bridge loan to make desired upgrades or alterations to a potential income property.

Other options for bridge loans include the funding of an acquisition or merger or to provide short-term capital for virtually any purpose.

In addition to offering the ability to close the bridge loan quickly, bridge financing typically provides several other advantages. These bridge loans tend to be highly flexible, particularly because they rely on the collateral that forms the basis for the loan.

Choosing a Bridge Loan Lender

Although you have many options when considering bridge loan lenders, we invite you to explore the Capital Pro Partners difference. Our team has in-depth knowledge and expertise in all types of commercial financing. We can put together the practical solutions that make sense for you and your needs.

With an eye on expediting the process, we will quickly and accurately assess your needs. This allows us to identify the right loan program for you. We take a highly personalized, hands-on approach, ensuring that you get the best possible results.

Call on Capital Pro Partners today, to learn more about our company or to explore all of our bridge lending loans and options.

Succeeding at Commercial Lending with Capital Pro Partners


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