Commercial Lines of Credit

Commercial Lines of Credit

Commercial or business lines of credit offer a powerful tool for getting your company through challenging periods. A line of credit can also provide the funding you need to achieve specific business goals. You can cover seasonal shortfalls, purchase new or upgrade current equipment, take advantage of vendor discounts, or achieve virtually any other objective you might encounter in the normal course of business.

Capital Pro Partners has countless funding sources for credit lines. This means we can shop for the best rate and most flexible terms to suit your needs.

Types of Business Lines of Credit

Unsecured business lines of credit do not require securitization with collateral. Typically, approval for this type of product is dependent on business revenue and performance for established entities. For startups and newer organizations, approval can be based on the credit worthiness of the company principal(s).

Although unsecured lines of credit are the most common type of product in use today, you can also ask us about secured lines of credit. These products function just like an unsecured line, but approval is based on the type of collateral that will be used to secure the credit.

Most credit lines are revolving, similar to how a credit card works. Your outstanding balance increases as you draw against the line. As you pay against the balance, you free up more funds for additional use.

Small Business Lines of Credit

When it comes to lines of credit for business, small businesses typically have a stronger need for this type of financial support. Much like personal lines of credit, business lines of credit can be used for any expense the business owner sees fit.

Small businesses can especially benefit from having access to funds for specific needs such as making payroll or adding to inventory. You can enjoy improved peace of mind when you know you can reliably control and track cash flow throughout the year, even with seasonal types of business.

Call the Premier Commercial Lines of Credit Lender

As a business owner, you deserve to have ready access to funds when you need them. Commercial credit lines can ensure that you have that ability whenever the need arises.

When looking at various options for lines of credit, business owners can quickly become overwhelmed by the many options that are available. Whether you know which product is right for you or you would like to speak to a lines of credit expert, contact Capital Pro Partners now. We will take the time to understand your needs and recommend the best options to help you realize your goals. We look forward to assisting you with all of your needs for a business line of credit.


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