Financial Analysis & Underwriting

Financial Underwriting

Commercial lending decisions require some of the most complex analysis imaginable, even in today’s highly evolved business environment. The financial analysis and underwriting process varies for every borrower and every loan. Without exception, some degree of financial analysis is required to underwrite a commercial loan.

At Capital Pro Partners, we understand the importance of getting this facet of the process just right. Not only will this ensure the success of your project – whatever that might be – but it will also ensure your ability to understand where you business performance fits in the lending world.

Our processes and procedures are designed to ensure a thorough underwriting process while minimizing the time and effort required on the borrower’s behalf.

Financial Planning & Analysis in Underwriting

Both financial planning and analysis play a large role in the commercial loan underwriting process. Unlike any aspect of the consumer lending process, commercial underwriting depends significantly on an in-depth business financial analysis and evaluation of the borrower.

The specific nature of the analysis necessary to make business lending decisions depends on multiple factors. The type of loan in question helps guide the specific aspects of the process. For example, a real estate-secured loan will require a highly detailed evaluation of the property in question. Equipment financing will likewise require detailed analysis of the equipment itself, leases or purchase agreements, etc.

In almost all cases, the borrower’s financial capacity will also require careful evaluation. Financial analysis provides the information your lender will require for loan approval. However, this process also provides invaluable information to the borrower, helping to ensure that key performance indicators are met going forward.

Commercial Lending Financial Analysis Services

At Capital Pro Partners, our in-depth financial planning and analysis services are provided in conjunction with all of our commercial lending programs.

We begin by completing the necessary due diligence, gathering relevant information that is specific to both the desired loan and the borrowing entity and its principals. Armed with all the necessary information, our experienced financial analysts get to work developing and evaluating risk models. The results can then be used to outline the terms and conditions of the proposed lending program.

Streamlining the Underwriting Process for Borrowers

Capital Pro Partners understands how onerous the underwriting process can seem to aspiring commercial borrowers. Our proprietary processes and procedures have been designed to ensure a thorough financial analysis of borrowers and their potential loans while also helping make the process as simple and hassle-free as possible for you. 

Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you with all of your commercial lending needs, including our innovative and streamlined financial underwriting and analysis processes.


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