Loan Negotiation Group

Loan Negotiation

At Capital Pro Partners, our team of commercial lending experts works tirelessly to identify the best capital and loan programs for our clients. We work closely with potential borrowers to understand their needs and conduct a detailed analysis to determine the critical elements necessary for their future success.

As a commercial loan broker, we have access to countless funding sources. Based on the results of our analysis and underwriting, we identify potential capital sources and work diligently to put together the right loan for the borrower’s needs. Getting to the point of being able to close a deal, however, requires in-depth negotiation.

With our outstanding basis of knowledge and experience, we have the ability to negotiate the rate and terms that will work best for helping you achieve your objectives.

The Loan Negotiation Process

The ability to source capital for our borrowers is only one aspect of the process. Identifying the right lending source sets us on the right path to success. However, negotiating loan terms that make sense for both lender and borrower ensures that all parties reach the comfort level necessary to move on to loan closing.

Once we determine the appropriate financing option for your needs, we consider the individual lending source to guide our approach to negotiating your loan. Each type of source – which might include private capital sources, credit unions, debt funds, life companies, banks or commercially backed mortgage security lenders – has their own specific criteria. Negotiating a loan successfully requires applying our extensive knowledge of the relevant sector and tailoring our negotiation strategy around the factors relevant to the specific scenario.

Why You Need a Loan Negotiating Expert on Your Side

Negotiating loan terms is a complex and delicate process, requiring a profound sensitivity to the objectives of the funding source. Having a lender with the right experience can help ensure you get the outcome you’re looking for. Capital Pro Partners understands all of these factors, bringing the right knowledge and expertise to the table. Our experience encompasses all the elements necessary for a successful commercial or SBA loan settlement negotiation.

One of the factors that must be taken into account include the amount of funds the borrower must bring to the table to close the deal. Another key consideration is interest rate, both in terms of nominal interest and annual percentage rate, or APR. Repayment terms are another critical consideration, as this factor plays a significant role in the borrowing entity’s ability to meet their obligations related to the loan in question.

Your Go-To Loan Negotiation Group 

We know that you have many commercial lending and capital experts to choose from. Here at Capital Pro Partners, we look forward to showing you the strengths and advantages that we can bring to your deal, particularly in terms of a successful loan negotiation process.


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