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Capitol Sourcing

At Capital Pro Partners, our talent for sourcing capital has earned us an impeccable reputation as a commercial lender.

When potential borrowers reach out to us for assistance, they typically have a specific goal in mind. Those goals can range from something as simple as purchasing or leasing new equipment to buying or starting a business. Whatever your unique objectives might be, we have the business loan programs that will help you make those goals a reality.

The Challenges of Sourcing Capital

Successful lending relationships develop when commercial lenders are successfully able to connect potential borrowers with the ideal source of capital. This also means putting together a loan program that meets their budgetary goals and getting the deal closed within a realistic timeframe.

The bottom line, however, is that every borrower has unique needs. Unlike consumer lending, commercial lenders must source capital from a wide variety of verticals, industries and sectors. Private sources of capital play a significant role, as do government-backed sources such as the USDA and SBA. Knowing how, where and when to direct our resources to find the ideal resources.

Commercial Capital Options

Capital Pro Partners offers a full range of commercial lending options. We source capital for SBA loans, including SBA 7a, 504, cap lines and express loans. We have multiple sources for commercial real estate loans, such as commercial property loans, income property loans and commercial construction loans. We do all types of commercial equipment financing, as well as asset-based financing, business lines of credit, bridge loans and alternative financing.

We tailor our services specifically to you and your needs. We take the time to understand what you are endeavoring to achieve. We undertake extensive financial analysis to determine the viability of your project and to help us go in the right direction to source the capital you need. We work closely with you to negotiate loan terms that make sense for both sides and then proceed promptly to closing your loan.

Trust the Premier Capital Sourcing Group in the U.S.

We have been sourcing capital for business since the day we first opened our doors. Our team has decades of combined experience, and the depth of our resources is virtually unparalleled in the industry.

The primary benefit we offer our borrowers is that we work for you. We put your goals and needs first, negotiating on your behalf with lending and capital sources. We handle every aspect of the process, leaving you free to focus on the important tasks of running your business. 

Contact us now to learn more about how we can assist you with all of your commercial capital and lending needs. We look forward to being your go-to expert for business capital sourcing.

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Real Estate Loans

Expand your business with a real estate loan. Whether you are planning to expand your current business physically or invest in a new one, we can help you secure a loan to meet your business’s needs.

Healthcare Loans

Let us find the best source of capital for your medical practice. If you are looking to secure capital to add new staff, purchase medical equipment, or keep your practice running, we will guide you through the process and raise the capital you need.

Manufacturing Loans

Increase your business’s capabilities with a manufacturing industry loan. Whether you need to purchase manufacturing equipment, cover operating expenses, or expand your business, we will secure the best source of capital based on your specific needs.

Industrial Loans

Boost your business’s value by growing your business with an industrial industry loan. If you need help purchasing machinery, purchasing inventory, or hiring, we can help you secure financing to meet your business goals.

Professional Services Loans

Advance your business’s future by securing a professional services industry loan. Whether you are looking to buy a firm, purchase essential equipment, hire professional staff, or grow your business, Capital Pro Partners can help with your capital needs.

Transportation Loans

Improve your transportation business with a transportation loan. Whether you need to hire workers, cover insurance costs, manage payroll, or grow your fleet, Capital Pro Partners can walk you through loan options and secure the best option for your business.

Hospitality Loans

Expand your business’s potential by securing a hospitality industry loan. If you are opening a new location, renovating a current location, or expanding your business, Capital Pro Partners can help your business flourish.

Distribution Loans

Upgrade your distribution business with a distribution loan. If you need help buying inventory, upgrading logistics, or hiring new staff, Capital Pro Partners can help find the best capital for your business.

Direct Bridge Loans

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